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For all those who need to know, the Scitec Sports Dome in Baie d’Urfe is a fabric structure that is 111m long by 71m wide and 20m high attached to a permanent two-story building.  The outer membrane is of a white opaque matte, fire resistant, vinyl coated polyester fabric with an acrylic PVDF top coat finish.  The inner liner is of white and blue thermal/acoustical vinyl coated polyester fabric gloss finish meeting NFPA 701.  We have added a tedlar coating to the outer membrane to provide maximum membrane protection from pollution, dirt and UV rays.

The fabric structure is insulated with a 3.5 inch layer of double-faced fiberglass insulation that will give the structure an R-14 value.

Seams are dialectically welded to form the structures profile. The structure is manufactured in 5 sections fastened using aluminum joining plates with velcro fastened fabric covers to the outside.  The structure is supported by an all-in-one inflation system including a 3.5M BTU end discharge furnace.  The inflation package includes fans/motor and motorized dampers on the cold air return to operate automatically, allowing complete control of the dome’s internal pressure from a remote control location.  The system also includes a built-in standby inflation package, which allows for backup inflation when the main inflation system is out of service or a power outage occurs.

Our design includes eight 40 inch steel framed exit doors for safety purposes, a three-leaf aluminum revolving door framed unit, a vehicle air lock for emergency and maintenance access into the structure, as well a pedestrian handicap airlock offering access to the dome for handicapped individuals.

Our lighting system within the structure is powered by 80 1000-watt medal halide lamps attached to 20 lamp posts that surrounds the playing field.

Our playing field turf supplied by Shaw Sports Turf, is using their Momentum 41 artificial turf with filler using the following ratio 0.56 kg sand / 1.31 kg SBR rubber.